Pastor Troy Recording Song For Wyclef's Presidential Bid

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy is planning to return to the spotlight with a variety of new projects. In the latest issue of Ozone Magazine, Pastor Troy revealed that he is working on a new installment of his popular D.G.S.B. (Down South Georgia Boys) album, in addition to a new song with Haitian Fresh to support Wyclef Jean's bid for President of Haiti. "Haitian Fresh and I are doing a song now called “Fas a Fas” for Wyclef’s campaign for President of Haiti. It’s gon’ be cool, man," Pastor Troy revealed. In addition to the track for Wyclef, Pastor Troy and D.G.S.B. will release their first album over new material in over seven years with the upcoming release, reportedly titled The Return Of Cut 3. According to Pastor Troy, he is opting to remain independent, after releasing over 20 albums on majors, as well as smaller, boutique labels. "I’m staying down with the independents man, because it’s too pivotal," Pastor Troy stated. "You can’t take on a situation that you want if you always in a situation. You got to leave yourself open, so when that deal that you want comes along you can take it. With that being said, we doing our s**t strictly 100% independent."No release date was available for the new D.S.G.B. album.