Pastor Troy Returns With New Album 'Troy'

Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy is gearing up for the release of his first major independent release since his departure from Universal Records in 2004.

The new full length album, simply titled Troy, will be released November 18 via Troy’s own label Madd Society Records.

It will be distributed by Memphis-based indie distribution powerhouse Select-O-Hits.

Troy conceptually pays homage to ancient Greece, with even the album cover reflective of the theme.

“When you hear it, it really just puts you in the [mindset that] it’s time for war, man, it’s time for battle,” Pastory Troy told “It takes you straight to the Coliseum.”

To achieve a more diverse sound than on previous projects, Troy says he recruited several producers including Drumma Boy, Fatboy and legendary Memphis producer DJ Squeaky, who also serves as the album’s executive producer.

Fans may be surprised to find the album free of any featured artists, however.

“To make my date, I couldn’t wait for everybody to bring their features in,” explained the Georgia-native who debuted in the late 90's with the regional hit single “No Mo Play In GA.”

A deluxe edition of Troy will be released in time for the holidays, featuring the originally intended collaborations.