Patrick Swayze Working With Rap

After years of being

indirectly involved with Hip-Hop music, actor/pop singer Patrick Swayze is finally

experimenting with rap music.

Swayze recently said he was experimenting with “rap rhythms

as an emotional undercurrent for ballads.”

The 53-year-old Swayze had a massive hit with the song “She’s

Like The Wind” from the soundtrack to the film "Dirty Dancing"

in 1987.

The song is one of the most played songs in the history of radio

and helped the Dirty Dancing soundtrack sell over 11 million records.

Hip-Hop fans are familiar with Swayze, who has starred in such

classic movies as “Red Dawn,” “Roadhouse,” “The

Outsiders” and “Ghost.”

Swayze’s last name has been used as Hip-Hop slang since

the early 1990’s, when EPMD popularized the term on various albums.

In U.S. rap vernacular, the term "Swayze" means to

“leave” or “disappear,” cleverly derived from the title

of his 1990 hit film “Ghost.”

Swayze resurfaced in the rap world again in 2002, when he starred

as an aggressive FBI agent named “Detective Fitzgerald” in Ja Rule’s

video “Reign,” taken from Ja’s The Last Temptation album.

The controversial video came during an actual federal investigation

of The Inc.’s Irv and Chris Lorenzo for money laundering, charges the

brothers were eventually acquitted of.

Swayze, who has a role in the new flick “Keeping Mum,”

did not peg a release date on his new material.

Swazye is currently

filming “Fox and The Hound II.”