Patrolmen Benevolent Association Prez Lashes Out At Ice-T; Rapper Replies To Arrest

(AllHipHop News) The president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association lashed out at rapper/actor Ice-T, after the rapper was arrested near the Lincoln Tunnel in New York, for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Ice-T, who plays detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU, voiced his displeasure with the arrest on Twitter. The rapper posted the arresting officers name and badge number, before labeling him a “punk b**ch rookie cop.” "[Ice-T] may play a police officer on TV, but his disdain for law enforcement is well-documented," PBA President Patrick Lynch said. "Real police officers enforce real laws that exist to keep everyone safe, even a disrespectful, former rap performer-turned-actor, whether he likes it or not." Ice-T famously beefed with police officers nation wide after his rock band “Body Count” released the controversial song “Cop Killer.”“I've got absolutely NO problems with cops in general,” Ice-T tweeted today. “Just some people are a**holes. They don’t have to be cops. A suska [sic] is a sucka.”Ice-T is attempting to turn the whole fiasco into a positive learning experience. “The whole s**t was a joke. But it showed me how eager some people are to see me in handcuffs,” Ice-T tweeted. “Good wake up call 4 me.”