Paul Wall And TV Johnny Launch Reality Show

Hip-Hop star Paul

Wall and Houston custom jeweler TV Johnny have tapped Mixcast Networks to unveil

The T.V. Johnny & Paul Wall Show.The

new reality show follows Paul Wall and TV Johnny (real name Johnny Dang) in their

day-to-day travels and gives a behind the scenes look at their successful

custom jewelry business.“We

are extremely pleased with MixCast's decision to offer the TV Johnny and Paul

Wall Show to its viewers,” TV Johnny told “Their

innovative marketing strategy and multi-platform distribution expands our reach


addition to being incredibly entertaining, The TV Johnny & Paul Wall Show

offers viewers a truly unique perspective on celebrity life,” adds Gary

S. Murray II, Founder of MixCast. “It allows viewers to virtually attend

the most exclusive Hip-Hop events that they can't see elsewhere on television.”The

inaugural episode features cameos from Jermaine Dupri, Slim Thug, Nelly, Juelz

Santana and Katt Williams. Viewers can also tune into the show free of charge

at MixCast's online video portal or download it through MixCast's VOD service.After

teaming with Vietnamese jeweler Johnny Dang, Paul Wall opened up shop in Texas

and Maryland and began designing and marketing gold teeth [grills] for celebrity clients

and ordinary folks with his TV Jewelry business.TV

jewelry clients include rappers Mike Jones, Master P., Lil Jon and T.I., David

Banner, Chingy and Jermaine Dupri among others. To

view the latest episodes of The TV Johnny & Paul Wall Show, log onto