Paul Wall Cosigns New Pimp Killa Thug Album


Texas rap scene is about to become more competitive with the arrival of Pimp Killa

Thug (PKT), a rapper best known for his association with fellow Lone Star lyricist

Paul Wall.Wall

has teamed up with Southern Majesty Entertainment to officially introduce PKT

to the masses with his debut independent album, Retribution. The

release, described as an "audiobiography," marks a new chapter in the

career of PKT.The

rapper, who has appeared on numerous mixtapes, was also recognized as the third

member of The SleepWalkazz, a group that featured Wall and Chamillionaire.


credits PKT with "teaching him how to rap." The lead single from Retribution,

titled "Laid Back", was released as a mixtape anthem for Houston. The

response from the song later resulted in a remix that included a cameo from Wall,

who is among the guests appearing on Retribution. The

16-track album's follow up single will be "Anytime." Production on Retribution

will be handled by Kenneth "Breallant" Williams of Street Dreemz Productions.Retribution

is slated to be released in the late Fall.