Paul Wall Creates Custom Vehicle Grills and Wheels


Paul Wall is taking his penchant for making grills to the next level.The

Houston rapper has teamed with Zenetti, a global trendsetter in designer automotive

accessories, to create a signature line of vehicle grills and wheels encrusted

with cubic zirconium stones. The

items will be available for coupes, SUVs, Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnums, Chargers

and Cadillac Escalades."The

front end grills will be iced out with crystals, and they will be compatible with

Chargers, 300M's, Magnums, and Escalades," Paul Wall told

"The wheels are called the Masquerade. They will have crystallized iced out

plates that cover the chrome base. One of the best things about the wheels is

that the face plates will be removable so that you can ride on chrome or skate

on 'ice'!"Noted

for its sophisticated styling and cutting edge concepts, Zenetti specializes in

custom wheels for luxury sedans, sports cars and SUVs as well as body styling

kits and vehicle grillsLike

the grills, the rims will be available for coupes, SUVs, Chrysler 300,

Dodge Magnums, Chargers and Cadillac Escalades. Size will range from 19 to 26


Zennetti alliance comes on the heels of Wall's recent Grammy nomination for Rap

Performance by a Duo or Group for "Grillz," with Nelly, Ali and Gipp.The

rapper, who joined filmmaker Raquel Cepeda this past summer on a trip to Freetown,

Sierra Leone with a contingency from the United Nations and VH1 to raise awareness

of conflict diamonds, will donate a portion of the profits from the sales of the

grills to humanitarian efforts in Sierra Leone and other war impoverished countries

affected by the diamond trade. Paul

Wall hopes the effort will help the damage caused in part by the illicit smuggling

and mining of diamonds.The

rapper's experience will be captured in the documentary, Bling: A Planet Rock,

which will hit theaters in early 2007. The

grills and wheels as well as the documentary are slated to be released the first

quarter of this year.