Paul Wall Disputes Master P's Claims That Syrup Is "Killing This Generation," Says Houston's Culture Is Being Killed

(AllHipHop News) In a candid interview with Yo Gotti's DJ, DJ Smallz, Houston rapper Paul Wall responded to a comment Master P stated in an interview with Power 105's the Breakfast Club saying,"Everybody getting high now, the syrup is killing the whole, this generation."

Paul has always been a proponent of the purple sprite drink over the years even most recently titling a track on his slabgod project, "Muddy Cups On Sunset."

As it is, the Houston rapper says, "he doesn't know anyone personally that has died" from syrup.

"Of course I love Master P, I got nothing but respect for Master P, but it might be killing the generation theoretically, but it's not sending people to the graveyard. I personally don't know not one person in my whole life who has ever died as a result of sippin' syrup," Paul Wall said in defense of the popular drug.

Tragically the legendary DJ Screw, Big Moe and the late great Pimp C all reportedly succumbed to lethal dosages of the potion, though Paul Wall clearly disputed that fact, blaming their deaths on lifestyle choices.

Codeine, which is an opiate, know to produce a feelings of said euphoria, while the cough syrup also contains a drug called promethazine, which acts as a sedative.

"They might have syrup in they body when they die, but that don't kill 'em," Paul Wall continued. "Now poppin' pills, handlebars, them handlebars be sending people to the grave. Shooting heroin up that's sending people to the grave. You know that flocka, that's sending people to the grave. Alcohol is sending people to the grave. 200 million people die off some crazy sht from cigarettes, that's sending people to the grave. Obesity, not eating properly, drinking sodas, eating all this shit with corn starch, and corn syrup in it. Not real sugar, not real products, all these man-made products, that's the sht that's sending people to the grave."

Recently Obama declared war on prescription drugs at a conference in Atlanta combatting drug abuse.

“It’s important to recognize today, that we are seeing more people killed because of opioid overdoses than traffic accidents,” President Barack Obama explained.

A host of rappers have had public battles with their use of lean including Lil Wayne, most recently Future, and Boosie who said that the deadly concoction “almost killed him 3 or 4 times.”

The promethazine and codeine concoction was famously popularized by DJ Screw with his “chopped and screwed” style of music and his S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click) group of rappers.

"Now the whole entire world is walking around with double white cups and they pourin' up fake syrup, they don't even know what they drinkin' they just want to say they sippin' some syrup. But they killing our culture down here man, that's what's being killed, our culture down here man," a frustrated Paul Wall said.

Paul also denounced the signature double styrofoam cups seen in the hands of rappers across the game.

"For the record, we don't sip double cups in Houston no more man, the police is not stupid. You ridin' around with a double cup, they taking you to jail, they pulling you over, so we don't sip no double cups no more, unless you want to go to jail or unless you being corny and want everyone to know you sippin' syrup."

Check out the full interview below: