Paul Wall Featured in Mobile Battle Rap Game

(AllHipHop News) Houston rapper Paul Wall has a new rap inspired mobile game called "Battle Rap Stars,", which is available on iPhones for fans across the world.

By partnering with Jump Shot Media, "Battle Rap Stars" scores and evaluates original rap performances based on a patent-pending voice analysis system.

"I am incredibly excited to be part of this game," Paul Wall told the Sacramento Bee. "The technology is amazing and the game is just plain fun. Whether you are trying to perfect your skills on the mic or just want to have fun, this game really delivers."

In the game, Paul Wall is the rapper to beat, as the vocals received are assigned a score based on a user's rhythm, rhyme and vocal presence.

"Battle Rap Star" puts the gamer against five real rappers and eventually, after winning the initial 5 battles, the gamer gets to face Paul Wall in the final round.

In addition to battle mode there is a karaoke mode of the game that helps those rap who might not be skilled enough to battle.

"We designed this game so that both rappers and non-rappers will have a lot of fun," said Keith Andrews, co-founder and CEO of Jump Shot Media. "This is truly a unique game that will keep users entertained for hours on end."

Battle Rap Stars is now available at the iTunes App Store