Paul Wall Launches New Website Dedicated To Grills

Houston rapper

Paul Wall recently showcased his newly expanded grills collection at BET's Rip

the Runway fashion show.

The line, which

is offered through Grills by Paul Wall, features new colors and intricate designs,

including silver, gold, platinum, pastels, flags and specialty designs.

"I just did

an all pastel [grill] for Kelis [and] I just made a Puerto Rican flag for my

boy Fat Joe, so when he closes his mouth it makes the flag," Wall told "I'm doing a lot of flags this year. If you can design it,

we can make it. Anything you can think of, any design—we can do it. I'm

doing some for Michael Vick with the superman sign."

The grills range

from as low as $50 to as high as $50,000. Though $50 will only purchase a single

gold tooth, Wall asserted, "That $50 will get you one gold tooth, and from

there the rest is up to you and your budget."

The rapper has

also launched a new website,, where his grills can

be purchased directly. "No matter where you are in the world you can get

your grills," he said. "We are going worldwide with it."

Aside from serving

up grills, Wall is also back in the studio recording his next album and helming

the debut album for newly signed Swisha House artist, Lil' Keke, as well as

a Swisha House compilation project.

Meanwhile, Nelly's

ode to grills, "Grillz," which features Paul Wall, Ali & Big Gipp,

is currently No. 1 on Billboard's Digital/Mobile chart.