Paul Wall Releases New Watch Collection

Self proclaimed " People's Champion" Paul Wall and his jewelry business partner Johnny Dang have teamed up to release a second season of their collection.

The watch line, which is available online and in Paul Wall and Johnny Dang's Houston based store TV Jewelry Inc., features various styles of watches ranging from $300.00 to $15,000.

"It's the second season that we have decided to release," Paul Wall told "We had decided to move on from just selling grills and expand and we were having so much success selling other people's watches that we decided to create our own. With so much success with the first season, we decided to release a second run that is available online and through the retailers that sell our grills."

The watch styles vary from standard leather bands to custom made bands with diamonds on the inside of the watch face.

And although Paul Wall is doing well in the realm of jewelry, he still hasn't forgot about the music scene.

Upcoming collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Lil Keke and a possible reunion with former group member Chamillionaire are in the works.

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