Paul Wall Remixing T.I.'s 'Urban Legend'

Quickly tailing

the gold-selling success of his latest studio album, Urban Legend,

Atlanta-based rapper T.I. recently acquired Paul Wall to exclusively produce

a “chopped & screwed” edition of his critically and commercially

acclaimed disc through his Grand Hustle/Atlantic imprint.

"T.I. is a

phenomenal artist," Paul Wall told "He showed me a

lot of love over the years and throughout my career. It was a memorable experience

screwing and chopping his album. There are just as many people in Texas waiting

on the screwed version to [be] released, as was for the original version."

The release will fuel the continuity of the “Chopped & Screwed”

phenomenon, which has increasingly taken a liking from Hip-Hop consumers nationwide

over the last couple of years.

Originally started

in Houston in the mid to late 90’s, Screw music was inspired in part by

the local drug scene which included the intake of the reactionary drug, Codeine

(Syrup Sippin).

The mixture of

the drug with cough syrup and soda creates a slowed down sluggish feel, thus

inspiring the sound of the music.

Late legend DJ

Screw initially pioneered the movement and gained notoriety by creating mixtapes

remixing popular southern tunes and slowing down the pace to spawn an addictive

trend in urban music.

Ironically, it

was the same mixture that led to the death of DJ Screw, who passed away on November

15, 2000 of a heart attack in his home studio, based in Missouri City, Texas.

An autopsy found

fatal amounts of Codeine in his blood, triggering the heart attack.

After his untimely

death in 2000, producers such as Michael 5000 Watts and Paul Wall carried the

legacy by Chopping & Screwing albums from several stars such as Ludacris,

8 Ball & MJG, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys among many others.

T.I.’s Urban

Legend: Chopped & Screwed is scheduled to arrive in stores Feb. 8.