Paul Wall, Travis Barker Experience Success With Expensive Taste Clothing Line

(AllHipHop News) Houston rapper Paul Wall recent took the time to talk about his successes with his music and his clothing line with Travis Barker, Expensive Taste. “We got our clothing line Expensive Taste and its been active for a few years, but its really starting to take off especially in the Texas markets, being its where I’m from,” Paul Wall told their focus to street wear, the Expensive Taste clothing brand is launching a whole new line of gear set to hit stores this fall. “We have a new line that we are getting ready to drop, the street wear in the past has always been good for us,” and excited Paul Wall added. “We have the shirts and the beanies, the hoodies, a few girl products and designs, so a lot of stores have been giving a lot of support."Paul also gave AllHipHop an idea of how the brand expanded to its current levels of success and how it has evolved from a musical project to a clothing company. “The clothing line came about because we started a group together and a while back the group the Transplants had took a break, and when they did that we formed this group called Expensive Taste as a music group, and we couldn’t get the record label to get behind us for who knows why,” Paul told"We had already been selling a lot of tour merchandise and on the tour and over the internet we had a pretty big following. Mr. Cartoon did our original Expensive Taste logo and its been amazing how many people believe in the brand and are a part of the brand," Paul Wall continued. "Its our lifestyle and its just everyday clothes to make us feel comfortable about our lifestyle.”While the clothing business is starting to take off, Paul Wall and Travis Barker have not abandoned their plans to create music together. Over the past month, the pair have been in the recording studio making material to be released in 2011. "I have been working a lot and recording in California out in LA with Travis Barker out in his studio and also my boy Marty James and doing a lot of stuff with him and so sometime next year I am going to be putting out a new album and recording music,” Paul Wall revealed. “I Haven’t come out with a name or a concept, but I am just getting the ball rolling and recording music."