PE Dumps Def Jam


Enemy has split with

Def Jam Records due to the controversy the group is causing over

their want to release their new records via the Internet, and

the MP3, and MP4 format. Their record label, Def Jam and Polygram

ordered them to take the MP3's off of their site, which they did.

They then put up the songs in the new MP4 format.


Simmons said "PE has always been one of my favorite groups.

I wish them success." Chuck D. had this to say: ""The

day of the demo as we know it is outta here! Now the possibility

of 500,000 independent labels will make the majors revise their

thinking. No longer will a home studio from Ohio waste time sending

a neat package to LA or New York only to sit up in some incompetent

A&R's office corner collecting dust. It's back to Pre-K, big

boys will have to learn how to share. Skeptics ask me, "So,

how do you make your money Chuck?" Well, artists will have

to really expand on their art; live appearances, full fan contact

and sweat for the $3.00 - $5.00 that the fan will spend outta

their hard-earned money. Now artists will have to work harder

for people's time and money."