Peedi Crakk Ready to Release New Music, Ends Jay-Z Beef

(AllHipHop News) Two months removed from a year plus in jail on parole violation, former Roc-a-Fella emcee Peedi Crakk is placing the finishing touches on his debut album for Amalgam Digital and putting his Jay-Z beef to rest.

Previously, Peedi admitted that he was unfocused and blew his label budget while briefly under Jay-Z’s Def Jam, causing his then-named Prince of the Roc debut to be shelved indefinitely. Now, the Philadelphia emcee claims he has newfound appreciation for his art and freedom.

“The best s**t is to be back in the booth. I was feigning for that booth. [For] 19 months I did,” Peedi Peedi told “And if I can get this bread, the shows don’t hurt. I’m just leaking s**t all on the Internet. Anyone want to check my s**t, just go online [and type in] P. Crakk [and] Amalgam Digital.”

In 2008, Peedi was highly outspoken about Jay-Z, who he held personally responsible for not getting his debut released on Def Jam. Before his prison sentence stemming from a 2002 gun charge, Crakk went as far as to leak several diss records against Jay (“Sweet Dreams,” “I’m Sorry) which depicted the Brooklyn mogul as a liar and a thief. Also, Peedi began work on a mixtape entitled Camel Face Hunting Season.

Today, Peedi Crakk looks at those records as clarifying a past grievance instead of an attempt to initiate a battle. And according to him, the issues will not be rehashed are exploited on any new songs.

“I never came at Jay. I just always set the record straight for people who didn’t really know exactly what happened,” he reasoned. “Once you air it, leave it alone and where it’s at. That’s the past [and] we’re [now] going this way.”

Several new freestyles and songs from Peedi Crakk can be heard at At press time, his upcoming debut does not have a release date.

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