Peep Game: Age of Conan Sold Out! 360 Spring Update? Sega Steps It Up!

May brings some interesting developments, new ideas and even

new colors for Spring!

We have publishers losing CEO’s and paying for development

deals. A console finally gets an update on its next update. Some long awaited

games get closer to release, and a movie game with high promise falls flat on

its face.

Even in the slowest of times, gaming can find some ways to

make itself relevant.

Big News

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures…Sold out

The game Age of Conan:

Hyborian Adventures currently has sold out of the preorder early starts.

The Funcom product has been under heavy watch since being announced in 2003,

being the first real professional adult themed MMO with the “Real Combat”

system promising a more exciting fighting experience.

After a few delays, finally looks to be released Tuesday,

May 20. Reports have surfaced that this

is actually a 30 gigabyte game, so only those with the space, free time and the

computer power need apply.


Real Combat

Sega Making Moves

Sega, the console/software publisher that has established a

love hate relationships with almost all gamers, has made the move to purchase

PlatinumGames Inc. Who is PlatinumGames? They are simply the guys who made the

critically acclaimed Viewtiful Joe series,

Okamiand God Hand, and gamers may remember them as Clover Studio. The

reported four-game deal adds some desperately needed credibility

to Sega’s lineup.

Sony's New Prez

After Phil Harrison’s sudden departure from Sony to

Inforgrames, people were wondering who would be his replacement. The position

is now filled by Shuhei Yoshida, who joined SCEI in 1993, and was one of the

initial members in establishing the PlayStation business.

He was appointed Producer of the Product Development

Department in April 1996, and joined Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

as Vice President of Product Development in April 2000, where he held various

positions in product development, producing many global best selling franchise

titles. In February 2007, Yoshida was promoted to Senior Vice President, US

Studios, SCE WWS.

Step Down to Step Up

Dennis Dyack, the CEO of Silicon Knights, home of the

“fabled” Too Human series, has

stepped down in that position to focus on getting the product on time. For

those who haven’t been paying attention, Too

Human was originally a five-disc Playstation epic. From all reports the

game seems to be a very solid product, but with such a wait time before

actually being released, this one may have impossible expectations.



Co-op Gameplay

Nintendo DS Coming Up


Nintendo is making the metallic rose-colored DS model a

permanent color in the line this month. It was previously released last year as

a part of the limited edition Nintendogs

bundle. On May 19, America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and Carrie Underwood (American Idol) will

appear in commercials for the female-friendly rose edition.

Microsoft’s Spring


After delays, there have been some interesting rumors coming

out for the spring update list, two of them being motion support and game

installs. These two features are key to their competitors, which only brings up

the question: Where has the originality gone?

Played Out

Iron Man

For those who thought that Iron Man may just create the perfect trifecta of catching rave

reviews from critics, average movie goers and gamers, it’s just not so. The

game seemed to have some potential, but suffers from gameplay issues and flaws

that just make themselves known way too often. If you can, skip this one and

save your money for the Iron Man

special edition Blu-ray or DVD.

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