Peep Game: April Foolery! Sonic’s back? Countdown to GTA IV!

The video game world usually doesn’t disappoint with the

tomfoolery that is displayed on April Fools Day. I don’t know if it’s the

fact that gamers are gullible or in their own little worlds, but watching

people go hook line and sinker into the various jokes are always a joy to me.

Not just that, but this week, two old reliable franchises

got some solid info for new games, and a new COD map pack got sent out - and

that’s no foolin’. 

April Fools Fun,

Gamer Style

Altiar Gear (yes, it rhymes)

Intro by Jade Raymond? Check. Two huge franchises? Check. Prename

Hype? Check. Watch the video and get entertained - it’s pretty good. 

Legend of Zelda: The Movie

IGN got really elaborate this year. They created a whole

production with CGI and actors and it really caught some people for a loop. I

know I got a few kicks in the email and phone about “the new Zelda movie.” Even

watching the trailer again, I got hyped for this to be real…someone make it


Three times the


Blizzard usually comes with the heat when it comes to April

Fools jokes. This year they hit three, and they were all funny in their own

way. One happened to be the bard class in WOW. You were apparently going to do

damage based on the guitar riffs you could bang out Guitar Hero style (one of 

the many fruits of the Venvedi/Activision merger).

The second is a new unit for Starcraft 2. The Tauren

Marine, with full description (overpowered) and in game pics. The last of

the terrible three was a brand new WOW game… on the Atari 2600. Blizzard - they

never fail, not in gaming or during

April Fools.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

The Big News

Sonic Unleashed


Yes, a new 2d Sonic game is coming (PS3, Xbox and Wii), much to relief of all the

old school fans. Can this franchise be saved? Check the trailer below to see

for yourself, but I may have just already moved on. Sonic Adventure 2 was the

last straw for me.

Release Dates for Star Wars: The

Force Unleashed

This was one of my Top 5 to watch at E3 last year, and

although I will have to wait another six months (hits the U.S. on Sept. 16,

Southeast Asia and Australia

on Sept. 17 and Europe on Sept. 19) the wait

seems worth it.

For those who haven’t been checking this one out, it

basically features you as the secret apprentice of Darth Vader. Check out the

E3 Trailer here. Yes…he brought down a


Chris O’Donnell joins

Max Payne Cast

Yes, the main cause for the sh***y Batman movies in the 90’s

(well…maybe not, but he is the link between the two) has been cast in the new Max Payne production which currently

stars Mark Wahlberg as the deeply troubled detective. Strangely, my

anticipation has dropped just a little.

Call of Duty Map Pack Out

Not much to say but… four more maps, four times the fun. I

don’t see why you haven’t bought these already. Leave some comments for those

who aren’t enjoying them now to tell them why they are mad - this includes the

PS3 owners - you have to wait a bit longer, until April 24.


NBA 2K8(PS3, Xbox, PS2)

In honor of the closing NBA season, we have gotten out the

best NBA experience this year. I know

Live stepped it up a bit, but there is still no question as this one just

stepped its game up that much more.

Defense is much tighter, the CPU is tough, and the game flows the way

NBA ball does these days.

I still haven’t found anything much more exhilarating than hitting that

game winning shot in ya boy’s face and letting him have it over the mic or in

his face by dropping the controller.


Grand Theft Auto IV

You know the story. Check out our Screen Shot article here

to get a look at this one - check out the trailers.

You know the deal. If you don’t buy now, be prepared to

catch the sold out sign when this one drops April 29.Whenever he isn’t

contemplating a world takeover, you can find Adam Thomas building the Gamer Studio. For now, join the support and catch some cool screen shots at