Peep Game: Blu-ray 360? SIXAXIS discount? Mario On Track With Wii

April tends to be a boring moth for gaming, but in ‘08 it

was the complete opposite. With plenty of downloadable content and gaming

available, it would be easy to mistake this as a second March.

The last week may have been the best yet, with GTA IVcoming out [to be reviewed shortly] and stealing everyone’s free time.

Aside from GTA mania,

this week’s Peep Game features some interesting developments with reports

coming out of both console camps, and the fact that another first-party

Nintendo game has been released so you can actually play your Wii.

We can only hope for May to keep the momentum going.

Big News

Blu-ray 360


Microsoft has continued to deny, deny, deny, but more and

more information tends to flow out that the head honchos at Redmond may not want us to see. The Chinese

language Economic Daily News is reporting that Pegatron, an OEM

subsidiary of ASUS, has won the order from Microsoft to assemble the Xbox 360

with Blu-ray Disc ROM drive to be released in Q3. Could storage issues create

Blu-Ray games for Microsoft?

SIXAXIS = Discount?

What is better than giving SIXAXIS controllers away? The

good people at Sony giving the controllers away with a discount. Japanese PS3

buyers will be able to choose from three "Welcome Box" Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles in Satin

Silver, Ceramic White, and Clear Black.

In addition to MGS4

and a Dual Shock 3, they'll find a

SIXAXIS inside. The bundles will cost ¥49,800 ($470), compared to ¥51,800 ($492)

for the gunmetal gray bundle that just contains the game and the DS3.


Grand Theft Auto 4– There isn’t much to say that won’t be

contained forthcoming reviews. The short and long of it is: go get this game.

It is a great mixture of the best of all three games of the trilogy [check our

article here to refresh your memory]. Fair warning of course... college students

don’t fail out because you’re blasting half of Alderney instead of blasting out

those finals.

Mario Kart Wii – For those of us who have dusty Wii’s or maybe

are not into GTA madness, there is a fun alternative. Mario Kart has never been a bad game, and this one is no different.

The only thing that may irk gamers is that the steering wheel may need some

getting used to. However, there are alternate control schemes for those who

fell in love with their wavebirds.

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