Peep Game: Don King Gets Hype! PC Call Of Duty Maps; Wi-Fi Off McD's Menu?

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Is Sony thinking about opening up trophies? The rumors


What we do know is that there won't be anymore Wi-Fi with your Happy Meal, PC gamers are taking a load off with Call Of Duty 4, and you can feel Don King’s larger-than-life presence

as Prizefighter's release date nears.

We also have some thoughts on Mario Kart Double Dash, and a solid Pre-order suggestion with everyone’s

favorite controller throwing series, Ninja


Let’s get into the news!

Big News

Sony's Achievement


There is a rumor going on that the next firmware update will

finally feature the ingame XMB that every PlayStation 3 owner has been waiting

for. Not just that - there is word that trophy support will finally come with

this as well, giving a few more reasons to play your games through.

The trophies will be coming with new games and won't be

retrofitted, so don’t worry about beating Call

of Duty on Veteran. This looks to be released in June, in tune with Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of the Patriots.

Speaking of Metal Gear

Solid 4, Sony is now gearing up to place the highly

anticipated title in along with the finally imported Dual Shock 3 in the new 80 GB bundle. The older bundle which featured

Motorstorm and the SIXAXIS controller is being discontinued

to retailers. The street date for the

new packs is June 12.

McWi-Fi off the Menu

Sorry Nintendo DS owners, the best reason to be in a

McDonald's since the Dollar Menu is being discontinued. The free Wi-Fi that used

to be offered by the fast food giant has not had its contract picked up. The

Saturdays with you and your homies wrecking wheels in Mario Kart DS is now over, at least for now.

He Who Laughs Last… PC

Map Packs Are Here!

Call of Duty 4: Modern

Warfare’s PC players finally are getting their hands on the Map Pack that

was released for consoles almost two months ago. The kick with this is the fact

that PC players will get the map pack free, thanks to Nvidia sponsoring the

content. PC players should be prepared to boot up their Call of Duty 4 for a new tour of duty June 5.

Only In America!

Don King Presents:

Prizefighter has been picking up steam to give Fight Night a run for its money in terms of popularity. Don King

has already captured America’s

attention with his ability to hype fights and grab all of our money on PPV, and

now he gives that ability of his spectaculosity to you.

Enter, which allows you to generate a

nickname, have some hype delivered by the King himself, get your swag dictionary

on with a guide to "King’s English" and visit the Hype Boards.

Don King Presents:

Prizefighter will be released June 10 for Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XI in the Matrix

Final Fantasy XI is

finally joining most of its peers in the MMO world be finally being available

via Digital Distribution. Direct2Drive is handling the distribution, having Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XI: Rise of

the Zilart , Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia, and Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan available

for $19.95 each.

Readers fear not, the Instruction Manuals will be available

along with them. For those who like to have the hard copy, they are still being


Graphically Enhanced Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV

seems to be getting better and better. The latest trailer

(below) shows players armor being ripped when they are damaged. This leaves the

question of more damage being given to specific areas if they are worked on

enough? It could bring a new level of strategy to the fighter. The current

release date for Soul Calibur IV is July



Mario Kart Double Dash

It’s rather interesting to see just how things age. When you

put in Mario Kart Double Dashagain,

do it around a group of people who don’t know much about Mario Kart. It’s almost guaranteed that by the end of the hour, you

will find a group of new addicts. For old players, it had the extra layer of

two drivers and driver specific specials that gives a bit of a thought process

behind it.

For new players, it masks its complexity behind a simple

control scheme that welcomes anyone into the fold. Some bad memories for more

advance players may lie in the cheapness of slide boosting, as whoever mastered

that found themselves and unfair advantage. Either way however, most people

will simply find fun around this title. Throw this in the Wii or Gamecube and

take it back.


Ninja Gaiden II

Fair warning: only perfectionists need apply. This game is

not for the weak hearted, as all reports on this one are it may just be harder

that the first. For those who find themselves enjoying a challenge get the full

feeling of success that is hard to match by anyone.

Those who still wish to try to conquer the demons of the

world with Ryu Hayabusa can find Ninja Gaiden IIon the shelf June 3.



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