Peep Game: GTA4 is Gold! Mario Kart Cab Rides? BET and Xbox Unite

This week the news has picked up drastically. Grand Theft Auto IV goes Gold, Mass Effect has a PC port coming out, Mario the Plumber makes a big New York appearance, Soul Caliber has been dated, and another Mortal Kombat game has been announced. Some of it’s good, some of its bad, but all of it is worth it. Lets start the show!Big NewsBET and Microsoft Join ForcesNo, the sky isn’t falling yet, but you can now pick up BET shows on your Xbox Live account. The shows range from College Hill 4, the American Gangster series, Comic View, and their new show Iron Ring. If you are a fan, now you can watch them at your own leisure. Don’t worry, we wont judge you.Mario’s Free Cab Rides in NYCIn celebration of the April 27 release of Mario Kart Wii (packaged with the Wii wheel accessory), Mario himself will be giving free cab rides to unsuspecting commuters in New York - although you’re obviously in-the-know if you’re reading this. On Thursday, April 24, Mario will be at the Sheraton Hotel on Seventh Avenue (between 52 and 53rd Street) from 8:00-10:00am and again from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm hailing cabs. Mass Effect DLC Goes FreeFor those who buy the PC version, the Mass Effect DLC content “"Bring Down the Sky” will be available for free. It wont be available out the box however, as the users will have to register online to get it. The game will be released May 28.GTA IVOfficially GoldGTA has gone gold, and is in process of being shipped. The question is, how soon will the lions be unleashed? The official Xbox Magazine UK gave it an one hundred out of one hundred. Will ratings like these follow? One thing is for certain, April 29 energy drink, fast food, and maybe even alcohol consumption will be up, and work production will be down.Soul Caliber 4 DatedSoul Caliber 4 has been given a date (06/15/2008), and not just that, Soul Caliber has been announced to come to Live Arcade. For those who may have forgotten or never played the Dreamcast classic, for shame! 

And of course, the latest Soul Caliber 4 Trailer

Mortal Kombat vs. the DC UniverseI have no words but “seven years too late.” Watch the trailer.

PlayedCall of Duty 4With the new Map Pack breaking records (9 million downloads over Xbox Live alone), you can’t be surprised that this finds itself in our played segment this week. The new maps add just that much more new content to keep our minds on our ranks, but it isn’t as if this game needed any more ammo for that. I’m currently taking a break from them just writing this…Pre-OrderCall of Duty 4: GOTY EditionNo, you’re not insane, I am listing this twice. If you happen to be the only gamer to not get their hands on this, you might want to jump on it! The bundle includes the maps as well as the original game. I don’t have to go over how dope of a game this actually is. Fair warning however, you will get addicted. The only question is, for how long? I hope you don’t have too many responsibilities to worry about.

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