Peep Game: KG on NBA 2K9! Xbox is #1; DiCaprio as Bushnell? GTA IV Saving Take-Two? Sony's New New! Darth Vader’s Apprentice Gets Soul

This week Peep Game has gotten the Don King out of our

systems, and we've grabbed a pack of smokes and a bandana. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is on the way this week,

much to the joy of all gamers!

We take a look at gamer demographics, and the results may

surprise you.

Sony is testing out some new products, Nolan Bushnell is

getting his own movie, Xbox is kicking butt and Haze

getting kicked while it’s down.

We also have one of the best RPG’s of ‘08 with Mass Effect.

Without further ado …

Big News

Ballin! - NBA 2K9

2ksports has selected Celtic's standout Kevin Garnett as their cover athlete for the best basketball franchise on the market. This may also be a hint to what to features will be added to the game.

 Sony’s Copycats, Redos and Understudies

Sony just may be copying the Wii’s motion sensing

controller, the Wiimote. There is word

that Sony has had focus groups testing a motion sensing PS3 remote control.

They must be forgetting the SIXAXIS’s motion

sensing qualities that haven’t been utilized this side of Lair… perhaps that is for good reason.

On the other hand, Sony’s older products, the Playstation 2

and the Playstation Portable are getting some love. There is word that they are

getting redone in new colors in Japan.

The Playstation is getting a Fire Red implementation and the PSP is getting a Metallic Blue version,

much like the one shipping over here with Madden

09.Not just satisfied with a redesign, Sony is selling dev kits

to the aforementioned consoles to universities. The initative is called

PlayStation-edu , and will allow engineering and computer science students to

get their hands on the dev kits to get familiar with it. Perhaps soon

professionals will get used to the Playstation 3 dev kits...

Nolan Bushnell’s

Major Starpower

Video game legend and innovator Nolan Bushnell is getting a

biopic from Hollywood entitled Atari, and Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to star. For those who

do not know, Bushnell was a driving force behind Atari during its most

productive years, and founded a place we all secretly love, Chuck E. Cheese. We

can only hope that Hollywood does this right!

I Can’t Sell Through

the … Haze

Apparently the critically denounced bomb has had its price

reduced. The Sony exclusive can now be found at Gamestop for $40. It’s a shame.

Haze had so much promise, and way too

much hype.

Darth Vader’s

Apprentice in Soul Calibur IV

Another character has joined Soul Calibur IV apparently. Darth Vader’s apprentice Starkiller,

who is also starring in his own game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Apparently Soul Calibur has

unlocked its FSCS slot, word to Star Wars

Galaxies. The game is set to be released on July 25, 2008.

Conan Goes Platinum!

Age of Conan: Hyborian

Adventureshas shipped a total of

one million units, making it the largest launch since World of Warcraft. The MMO’s appeal is its Real Combat and more

adult themes, as well as a quick leveling system and a focus on the endgame.

Those who find interest be forewarned, this one is a Beast, requiring a gaming

rig and 30 GB of space, unlike WOW

which runs on almost anything.

Age Of Conan Trailer:

Real Combat:

Take-Two Redeemed

With Grand Theft Auto IV

The highly heralded title has seemed to save Take-Two

according to the latest reports. Grand

Theft Auto IV has turned their sizeable deficit to a sizeable profit, to

the tune of almost 100 million dollars. This should make it even harder for EA to take over the company.

In other news, the downloadable content that was on deck for

360 owners has been pushed back to 2009’s fiscal year. The content may not be

pushed back to 2009, as Take-Two’s fiscal year starts November 1. Still, this

does mean a bit more of a wait then what were originally assumed.

NIS America Back On The


NIS America, has announced that three games are arriving

this year to the U.S. The company is known for their quirky yet fun RPGs and

have quite a cult following. A Witch's

Tale (DS, October 2008) which is a first action RPG, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (DS, September 2008) a port of the

slept on Playstation title, Disgaea 3:

Absence of Justice (PS3, August 26), the flagship series of NIS, featuring

the same insanity of the other games.

A Witch’s Tale Trailer:

Rhapsody: A Musical

Adventure Trailer:

Disgaea 3: Absence of

Justice Trailer:

360 Wins Gen Y Vote

According to Neilson Games', the Xbox 360 is the most popular

of all the systems with the 10 to 26-year-old gamers as of February '08. These graphs bring up interesting figures, like the Wii only being slightly behind the Playstation 3 in terms of gameplay, while the 360 is far ahead of both consoles.

Decipher these for yourself and see what you can grab from



Mass Effect

Forget the world being your oyster, take the universe. Mass Effect captured our imaginations by

having you play as Shepard, a human SPECTRE in search of a SPECTRE-turned-traitor.

Along the way, you learn more about the universe you’re trying to save and get

introduced to the story of your crewmates.

The RPG shooter gameplay and a somewhat clunky interface

left some sore, but in terms of the story telling and the aesthetic, it was top

notch. The details in this game worked well with its expansive nature as it

featured optional reading to really give some foundation to its mythos.

Fans of RPG’s and the science fiction of a good story should

give Mass Effect a try. For those

without a 360, it was just released on PC, so go and enjoy.

Mass EffectTrailer



Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4 is

only days away. The most anticipated title since GTA IV is ready to grab gamers’ attention all summer - to answer

all your questions, and probably add a few more. If for some reason you haven’t

seen the trailers, or haven’t heard of the series, we will be running a Peep

Game special to reacquaint you shortly.

Here's a little something to get you in the mood. Get hype!

Theatrical Trailer:


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