Peep Game: Madden Mania! Hip-Hop Mobile Freestyle? Metal Gear's Big Scene; MS Shakeups! Resident Evil Rumor

This week, we take a look at some Microsoft shakeups, some Metal Gear Solid 4, Hip Hop games for your

celly, exclusive rights evaporating, and even some Resident Evil 5 rumors.

A lot to get excited about this week, and it’s all about the

Big News, so get comfortable and peep game.

Big News

90 Minutes For Metal Gear Solid 4?

For those who wish to sit and play Metal Gear 4in hour increments are out of luck. Apparently, there

will be 90-minute cut scenes. Yes, scenes, as in more than one. There are no

doubts that this game will be epic, but be prepared to sit and play this one in

long increments. Take a look at some gameplay - you will still want to buy it when it drops on June 12.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons Of The Patriots gameplay

Microsoft Shakeups

Apparently the partnership between Gamestop and Microsoft

for the Zune product has ended. Citing poor sales, Gamestop has stated that

they will sell the rest of the product and will not restock.

Also in Microsoft news, there will be no spring update for

the 360. Does this mean the end of the waggle controller and game installs that

were rumored, or does this simply mean they need more time to tweak them to

their standards?

There is good news though. There will be an update shortly

to address the Xbox Live outages that have been plaguing the system lately. Call of Duty and Halo players rejoice! You will be back to knocking them down


Madden Mania - Pocket Sized

With the success of the bundles of the past and the

strengthening sales of the Sony handheld PSP, a Madden'09 Limited Edition bundle has been announced. Within the bundle is an exclusive Metallic Blue PSP, the game, a 1GB Memory Stick, the NFL: In Just One Play video on UMD, and a PSN voucher that'll let

you download the Beats rhythm game free of charge.

Exclusive No More

Bioshock for PS3

has been confirmed. 2k Games is hoping to have it ready for

the 2008 holidays. PS3 fans can now catch up to the series and find out why

they were missing out on one of the best gaming experiences in 2007. Bioshock is at this point

multiplatform, so even more of an incentive for the Sony faithful.

Bioshock trailer

Hip-Hop Mobile?

Longtail Studios has developed a game for your cell phone,

based on Hip-Hop and freestyling. The game claims features such as:

• Rhythm gameplay featuring Hip-Hop


• Original music with styles ranging from hardcore and Nerdcore to Crunk

and Southern

• Exclusive lyrics penned by NYC underground battle rapper Bekay

• One-one-one, co-op and

group battle raps

• Original IP; brand new gameplay and story optimized for mobile

Set for an initial release on Verizon’s network, the game is

slated to be available on more carriers later this year. It sounds interesting,

and as we have a chance to spend a bit more time with it, we will give you more

info on this one.

Even more Colors?

Apparently Nintendo is going into the big crayon box for

colors of the DS. Last week we told you about the Metallic Rose permanent addition to the

line, and now there will be three new colors for the DS system - Lime Green, Hot Red, and Ice Blue. All three will be popping around June 13. Collectors,

start your engines!

Resident Evil 5 Rumor

It’s being rumored that Resident

Evil 5will have co-op, dodging, and a cover system added to the gameplay

mechanics. Also, a Mercenary

mini-game and a challenge mode are to be present as well. However, the original

article, posted by GamesRadar, has been removed, for one reason or another.

Is this Umbrella’s mysterious hand? Perhaps, but it still

makes this game more interesting by the minute. Now, if only the release date

wasn’t a big question mark...

Resident Evil 5 gameplay:

ESA losing

iD software, the makers of the DOOM and Quake series, has

left the Entertainment Software Association. The association has also lost high

profile companies LucasArts, Activision and Vivendi. All doesn’t look well for


Infogrames &


Phil Harrison, the new Infogrames president, has told

Gamasutra, “I don't see that we're going to be making huge-budget, single-player

games in the future.” Does this end the possibility of sequals to Alone in the Dark and other single

player franchises?

Alone In The Dark gameplay:

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