Peep Game: Playstation Day; Wii Fit Extravaganza! Doom and Fight Night 4 Announced

Splendor doesn’t come soon enough for most game companies.

Even as the Spring lull continues, there was a Playstation Day in the past

week, and a Wii Fit extravaganza coming in a few weeks.

Other than that, a Lord

of the Rings game and a pair of fourth editions are announced, a

new Wii Channel has arrived, and “Jasper” just may be in place for this summer.

Big News:

Playstation Day

Kaz Harai and friends had a get together in London to give

the European market, and the rest of the world to an extent, a look at just

where the former sales-leading Sony brand is going. Among the announcements

were enhanced Blu-ray 2.0 coverage,

Resistance multiplayer updates, and the normal propaganda that occupies

such events such as graphs and subtlety trashing to competition. The team at The Age Blogs have a more detailed rundown on the announcements here.

Check out the Resistance 2 gameplay demo from the event:

Wii Fit Day

New York

prepare for Nintendo. Nintendo will be bringing its Wii Fit to New York's Central Park for charity. For every attendee who "gets on board" for a Wii Fit demo,

Nintendo will make a donation of $5 (up to $25,000 total) to the American Heart

Association in support of its effort to help Americans live healthier.

Expect crowds of people throughout the day, plus an

appearance by celebrity trainer Ashley Borden. Its fun and for a good cause,

so take your lunch time and try it out.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Conquest suits you as a single warrior trying to change the

tide of battle. Your favorite characters may be picked, and even you can find

yourself as one of the bad guys - including Sauron himself. With both Single Player and

Multiplayer modes, this may be on to watch.

Doom 4

Nothing really announced but job openings, but we all could

just imagine what this game could bring to the table. Every Doom in the past has

done something for the FPS genre, and even if the third wasn’t as ground

breaking as the first two, the door is open for a genre that is overpopulated

with mediocrity.

Fight Night Round 4

Rewritten gameplay engine and more boxers are the draw to

the fourth Fight Night game in the series. For Tyson fans wondering where he has been

for the majority of this series, fear not, his presence has been confirmed.

Hopefully ear guards are as well.

Nintendo Channel

For those who turn on their Wii’s, the Nintendo Channel is

now live. Videos, recommendations and DS demos are now available. It definitely

provides something else for users to do.

360 Jasper Chips to

be available soon

Microsoft's Jasper 65nm chipset has been in reports for a

while, but finally Taiwanese companies are picking up the contracts for the

chips, and will allow from less wattage and less heat to push out the system.

No more cheap space heater/ gaming console combination.



For those who missed out on the Orange Box, they are now have the critically acclaimed Portal out for play on the PC. $19.99

may feel steep for those who bought the Orange Box for $59.99, but it is

actually worth the price.

The game still has the ability to make you think and on the

PC, are more levels available. Mods are an awesome addition for those who are

stuck on the console version. Go grab this today if you are missing the Orange Box.

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