Peep Game: PSP Phone? Nintendo Fun Center! Infinite Discovery Cover Unveiled! Xbox Drop For Real This Time?

As the behemoth that is E3

continues to approach, there have been more rumors flying about it. That is

never a bad thing however; as it means that it should be a very exciting


Most of our news wraps

around that this week. Sid Meier

Civilization Revolution gets some shine. He doesn’t fail when it comes to

civilization so it should be worth checking out.

Diablo III

has been announced. For the many of us who have subscribed late nights in killing hell spawn know, this is one of the most anticipated games

in a long time.

Read on!

Big News

Infinite Undiscovery Cover

Interesting cover. Looks

like the cover features several meanings, such as order and chaos, with the

storm and triangle. As we reported, this is the first of the Square-Enix games

to appear exclusively on the Xbox 360. This one is due September 2.

Diablo III


After what seems to be

tons of speculations, hints, and clues left all over the internet, Diablo III was finally officially

announced much to the joy of gamers everywhere. Fans can expect the same

quality Blizzard quality. With it comes a website - - which drops plenty of

hints of gameplay, including a new class called Witch Doctor.

Many of the details are empty, but with most blizzard products,

you can guarantee controlled information release and the buzz to build. Check

out the videos below. One must wonder

what will be exposed at the upcoming E3 and BlizzCon.

Duke Nukem “Too

Good” for E3

"Development is

swimming along nicely. Seriously nicely," 3d Realms skipper Scott Miller

said to Next-Gen in an interview. Is it a reason for the long-awaited and aptly

named Duke Nukem Forever not to be at

E3? According to the skipper, "It's just that we view E3 as irrelevant

nowadays. In fact, I wasn't even aware it was coming up."

Apparently it is. Take it

how you want it, but I am calling malarkey.

360 Price Drop? Yet another rumor…

According to Engadget and

a Kmart clipping, this could be reality. With E3 coming up, this is the perfect

time for rumors to be flying about, and many people have been forecasting a 360

price cut to counter increased PS3 sales. Speaking of rumors…

PSP Phone?

This is a rumor that fails

to die. There are talks that there is a PSP phone to be debuted in 2009 in

Korea and Japan. The interface is there, with Skype and Wi-Fi already featured

with your PSP already, however this rumor has been appearing since the consoles


Confirmed E3 Appearances

Kid Icarus, Doom 4, Alan Wake, and Left 4

Dead. If these titles aren’t exciting then someone should check your pulse,

as when you combine this with titles such as LittleBigPlanet & Gears

of War 2, E3 is looking serious.

SOCOM Confrontation Headset

SOCOM Confrontation will come with a wireless Bluetooth headset, with a USB connection to charge up

with. Wrapped up with a mute button, this looks to be a very solid headset to

match up with your other 100.

Nintendo and Starlight Hookup for Fun Centers!

Starlight and Nintendo are

hooking up to give sick children in the hospital some fun. The Fun Centers,

featuring HDTV’s, a DVD Player and a Wii loaded with games, will allow the kids

to get together, talk and game, which is sure to brighten morale and help


The first Fun Center went

into Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on June 25. No matter what company you

like, or the genres you subscribe to, we can all agree that this really shows the

positive light to our hobby.


Diablo II

Platform: PC

Developer: Blizzard

Originally Released: June

29, 2000

There are few games that

can stand above and beyond the competition for years beyond. Just as infrequent

is a sequel to a critically acclaimed game outdoing the original game. Being recognized as one of the best game to

do both puts Diablo II on any

competent writer’s “best game ever” list.

A story of caging hells

demons, Diablo II puts you in control

of one of five (or seven in the expansion) classes as you take on Hell itself.

Building your character through quests, monster slayings, and customization

from macro (such as your armor) to micro (such as runes and jewelry) is liable

to keep anyone addicted.

This isn’t a journey best

faced alone. To increase the fun level, take your homies online to face the

minions of Beelzebub. As more people join in, the game gets harder, as it’s

really a wonder to have everyone everywhere handling demons while you all split

experience. It’s a quick recipe for fun and can leave you playing without a

care from time.

Spawning several

imitators, such as the Dungeon Siege

series, no one can doubt the impact that this game had on the medium on a

whole. This game is Role Playing at its finest. With Diablo III recently being announced, take the time to go back to and get down with your favorite class. You know the cows are


Original Trailer:


Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution

Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3

Developer: 2K Games

Release Date: July 8, 2008

The genius of Sid Meier is

matched by very few, and one of the reasons is the game Civilization. He took

the process of being a world leader throughout time and made such a game fun,

addicting, and timeless. He has now decided to place his magic on consoles with

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution.

Claiming fast paced action

oriented gameplay to replace the more deliberate style of the PC versions, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution appears

to be ready to make a mark on consoles.

If Meier’s track record is

anything to go off on, this one should provide for a great experience, and a

great introduction to people who wish to get involved in long term strategic