Peep Game: Xbox Price Drop? Trouble For Take-Two Before GTA4?

Welcome to the Peep Game column in Gaming! Each

week we’ll be explaining the Big News of the week, take a look at what is hot

as well as what is not in “Played” and “Played Out,” and give you the scoop on some future titles you should keep an eye on.

Not just a crazy time for basketball, March tends to be a

frantic time for gamers. The month brings the biggest releases before September, release dates

planned and changed - and all this usually comes before the Christmas games get


Let’s delve into what is

happening. Sit back, crack a smile and get your fill of the art of gaming!

The Big News

EA vs. Take Two

This one is a tough sale for Take-Two. With EA currently

talking to the shareholders, promising them 65% increase for their shares, it

looks like Take-Two may not be able to make it until the release of their sure

seller Grand Theft Auto 4.

They gambled by turning down EA’s previous offer, and the

owners may end up two billion dollars short. Speaking of EA, they have been on

a tear in the last 12 months, and if they engulf Take-Two, this will be the fourth

major gaming company they have grabbed - not to mention Peter Moore from

Microsoft. Publisher Monopoly FTL…

Read more in the Los Angeles Times story here

WOW Patch Delayed

Considering the fact that everyone is playing this, or has

had a tour of duty within the realm of Azeroth, there is no need to spare cool

points here. The patch did not come out on the 18th as planned.

Well, it isn’t like you were going to stop playing in spite of this. Raid on!

360 Price Drop

Lil Wayne wasn't the only one to take a hit this month

across the Atlantic. The price of the Xbox 360 fell in Europe, prompting Sony

to wonder what their next move is. Personally, I would rather they work on

dropping that failure rate first.


Lost Odyssey – Quite simply, the early reviewers had gotten this one wrong.

Lost Odyssey is the first RPG in a

long time that recaptures the genre in its most basic essence. Classic story,

beautiful artwork, powerful writing and characters that bring you into the

world they create, this one is not one to be missed. Watch for the full review on AllHipHop this week! 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Tom Clancy has done it again.

He continues to (ab)use the moniker “ If it isn’t broke don’t fix it” with his

latest offering. I will give him this though: there isn’t a more polished

tactical shooter on the market. In the world of overbloated FPS, that’s actually worth something. 

Played Out

Turning Point Fall of Liberty – Game Informer should wish to have

hindsight when they choose a cover story. After making insane promises in the magazine early in 2007, developer Spark Unlimited delivered a broken game. It's a shame - this one had tons of promise, even if

killing Nazi’s has gotten a tad old.


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII– In stores March 25 for PSP, the most famous RPG of all time get sits

story fleshed out a little more. In the fourth game in the series, you now

control Zack, a S.O.L.D.I.E.R., as he begins to get wind of the truth. If

you’re any type of FF VII historian,

you more than likely had the money set away for this one back when it was

announced in 2004.

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