People Under The Stairs Switch Labels, Prepare New Album

Los Angeles-based

Hip-Hop duo People Under the Stairs (aka PUTS) is releasing their fifth album,

Stepfather, this May under the independent Hip-Hop label, Basement Records.

The full-length

album features guest appearances by legendary Funkadelic and Parliament member

George Clinton, Monty Stark of Stark Reality, and Kat of Crown City Rockers.

The CD will be

accompanied by a bonus hour-long DVD, which includes a short documentary-style


PUTS, formed in

the late '90s by Mike Turner (Double K) and Chris Portugal (Thes One), released

their debut album, The Next Step, in 1999 on OM Records.

The duo calls Stepfather

their most revealing and personal work to date.

"[We're] always

relegated to an old school category of Hip-Hop," said Thes One. "But

we really don't like that label. We're coming with an extremely progressive

approach on this record. I study a lot of theory and classic material and this

album reflects that."

"We believe

that they are the most musically significant duo to come out of the Los Angeles

scene in many years," said Basement Records Founder and CEO Roc Meraz.

"In the coming year, Basement Records' entire operation will be focused

on…making sure the worldwide Hip-Hop community recognizes the greatness

of PUTS and ultimately gives them the recognition they deserve."