Pepa Talks To Deceased Father

Sandi “Pepa” Denton from the platinum-plus rap duo Salt-n-Pepa recently went on television to speak with a psychic to channel her deceased father’s spirit to the earth. On his ABC program “Crossing Over” psychic John Edwards channeled the spirits of Pepa’s father, grandmother and others.

Pepa said that Edwards helped her tie up some of the loose ends that she had with her family members. Pepa spoke briefly of the experience with Edward and his ability to communicate with spirits.

“He went right to it. I was blocked and I’m not thinking. They just [talk to him]. The [the spirits] are like, ‘Look, you need to acknowledge me.’ My father passed right before I got into the music business. I been in the business like 15 years now and of course he wanted the best for me. Once he [died] and I became this great honor student, everything he wanted me to be. While he was alive, He was like, ‘I know you can achieve this.’ All I wanted to do was be like, ‘Dad, I’m in the music business. I’m in lights. Everybody knows me.’ I always wanted to tell him that.’ He’s saying to me [through John Edwards] I acknowledge you are doing your thing.”