Percee P's Makin' It Personal

Bronx rhyming vet Percee P is one of indie rap’s

top do-it-yourselfers. The verbal flamethrower known for swift and intricate

rhyme schemes actually peddles his album directly to the consumer.

Check the sidewalk near New York’s Fat Beats

and you’ll probably find him hawking Now and Then, his greatest

hits CD.

“I make them myself,” Percee P told “They’re songs you can’t even get now.”

Among those rare jams are “Lung Collapsing

Lyrics” with Pharaoh Monch and "Yes You May" featuring A.G. and

Lord Finesse. Check the disc closely and you’ll often find Percee’s

signature. “Thanks for the love and support,” Percee typically writes.

If you see him in person, he’ll sign upon

request and those who cop his album on-line often end up with signed copies

as well.

Last year, Percee collaborated with Jurassic

5 and Wildchild. After checking those tunes, Percee says fans can learn about

his storied past through his self made discs. “They’ll wonder who’s

Percee P. That’s where the CD comes in,” says Percee. “Some of

[the tracks] is old, but what’s old to them is new to somebody else.”

Percee’s currently featured on “Unstoppable,”

a cut with Planet Asia on JS-1’s Ground Original album. In addition,

an international trek with Wildchild is being discussed.

Though plans for that elusive new LP are sketchy,

he lists Madlib, DJ Babu, Cut Chemist, Easy Mo Bee, Diamond D and Moe Love as

possible beatmakers.

Although several labels have shown interest in

the Rhyme Inspector, he’s biding his time until the right offer presents

itself. “Everybody’s talkin’,” he says. “Until I can

really see the paperwork, then it’s just talk.”