Persia of VH1 White Rapper Show Faces Prison Over Gun Charge; Blames Domestic Violence

AllHipHop Staff

Aspiring female rapper Persia of VH1’s White Rapper Show is facing jail time over ramifications from an ongoing, two year domestic violence dispute.

According to Persia, real name Rachel Mucerino, the issue stems from a continuing domestic dispute with an estranged ex-boyfriend who has threatened to kill her, her mother, and six-month old daughter.

Although a restraining order can be obtained, the law prevents any arrest until an actual crime is committed.

Also, Persia felt the authorities were not addressing the issue to its full extent since her ex is allegedly a valuable police informant.

She alleges that the last straw came when the ex-boyfriend caused her mother to have a heart attack by dousing the back of her house with gasoline.

In addition, the ex allegedly called VH1 and threatened extortion by revealing the winner of the White Rapper Show before its airing.

Fearful of her family’s safety, Persia secured an unregistered loaded weapon that resulted in her arrest after a routine traffic stop.

Despite pleading guilty and having no priors, she now faces up to three years in prison.

“I was involved in an abusive relationship which led to him trying to kill me,” Persia explained to while declining to name the ex-boyfriend. “I felt I had no choice but to protect myself.”

The American Institute on Domestic Violence reports that “domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women.”

Supporting evidence from the American Bar Association lists that domestic partners were culpable in nearly two thirds of the women killed by firearms in the United States.

This latest incident marks the second case this year of a female emcee publicly dealing the domestic violence.

Rapper Queen Pen, now an advocate against domestic violence, is working through legal action and emotional scarring from a dangerous encounter with an ex-boyfriend this past May.

The veteran rapper was brutally beaten in front of her children by an enraged ex at her Flatbush, Brooklyn apartment.

For Persia, the gun charge was worth the peace of mind knowing she could defend herself and her family if needed.

“I went into hiding but honestly, who can live like that?” Persia stated. “Someone I know brought me gun so that I could get from my front door to my car without being attacked or even killed.”

Persia is due in court tomorrow (December 12) in Ulster County, New York for sentencing on gun possession.

The rapper and single mother requests her fans and concerned citizens to contact the District Attorney’s office to request a reduced sentence.

Below is the full court case and District Attorney Office information:

Rachel Mucerino vs. Ulster County D.Holley Carnright, District Attorney Ulster County Courthouse 275 Wall Street Kingston, NY 12401