Persia Of White Rapper Show Sentenced To Probation; Working On New Reality Show

(AllHipHop News) Female rapper Persia was recently sentenced to

five years in probation, after police stopped her and found a loaded

handgun in her car. 

Persia is best known for her appearance on VH1’s reality series The White Rapper Show.

Shortly after she was eliminated, she ran afoul of the law during

a routine traffic stop, when police found the loaded gun under her seat.

She claimed the gun was used for protection against an ex-boyfriend who had threatened her life and the lives of her family. 

Persia, born Rachel Murcerino, pled guilty to the charges and was facing a prison term of up to three and a half years. 

According to representatives for Persia, fans of her music and

opponents of domestic violence expressed their support for her case,

which helped get the sentence reduced. 

Legal issues aside, Persia is now working on a reality series

titled Prince of Persia in addition to a new mixtape with DJ 5053 of

Slip N Slide Records.