Pete Rock & CL Smooth Talk About New Album

Pete Rock and CL Smooth are in the studio recording their highly anticipated reunion album after a lengthy sabbatical from the mainstream of hip-hop.Lead lyricist CL Smooth said that the duo would not stray away from their original sound, which solidified their place in hip-hop history."If it's not broke, we aren't going to try and fix it," CL Smooth told "We are going to do what we do and its gonna be up-to-date because it

is what we are doing now. We aren't going to just leave our chemistry at home just to be doing something people feel we need to be doing."Continuing, the rapper said that it was this chemistry and how the music was

written and produced that made them special. Furthermore, the pair revealed the album will also be light on guest appearances by design."We're not chasing nobody because they are new or because they have a new

particular sound," he said.And while the group has yet to ink a deal for the untitled album, the duo will have a major part in the business side of the release."We are here on the strength of who we are. We aren't here on the strength of somebody pushing us here," Pete Rock added. "We are basically running our own ship now. Marketing-wise, economy-wise, we plan on doing the whole thing."Pete Rock and CL Smooth's untitled 4th album is expected to hit stores in March.