Pete Rock, Music Choice To Deliver "The Message"

Music Choice, the television network that broadcasts

music via cable and satellite television, will celebrate Hip-Hop Appreciation

week with an audio series, "The Message."

Hosted by Pete Rock, the program will focus exclusively

on Hip-Hop that delivers a positive message.

Additionally, Pete Rock will give his take on

the evolution of Hip-Hop, where it is going and the power the music has over

the people that listen to it.

The on-screen content from May 16th through May

30th will feature categories such as "Giving Back" which highlights

Hip-Hop's charitable contributions and "Backspin" which focuses on

facts about the roots of Hip-Hop culture.

Below are the air dates:

Saturday, May 22nd - 9am-11am 4pm - 6pm 11pm

- 1am

Sunday, May 23rd - 12pm-2pm 7pm - 9pm 1am - 3am