Pete Rock To “Mumble Rappers”: Y’all Don’t Care About The Culture, Make Better Music

Is Pete Rock just a bitter old head hating on the youth? Or is Soul Brother #1 serving as a voice against the bad elements of current Hip Hop culture?

by Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

Whichever side the public may fall in the debate about “mumble rap” does not seem to be affecting Rock. After he called out Lil Yachty and Young Dolph, the 46-year-old legendary producer continued his recent mission against “wack rappers” in an Instagram post.

Pete Rock wrote on IG:

Mafuggas still talkin sh-t and im like…………………. 😒😂😂😂 huuuh boy lol! Why cant we all just respect some sh-t? I mighta been wrong the way i went about it but im a lil tired of people taking this culture for a joke. Feeling like Kaepernick right now real talk mayne. Im obviously passionate about good music and good lyrics. Cant understand the mumble rap sh-t da hell is that? Lol cmon man i can make yall sound real good 😂 i can clearly see yall dont care about the culture so why you in it? Yall not gonna last doing dat! The hate dont bother me cuz they are just dedicated fans,its quite funny how random mafuggas outta nowhere just gettin @ me hahahaha 😂 when you know your power the feeling of confidence really sets in. Im trending on twitter over this silly sh-t hahaha Wow! Ok i’ll take it cuz im bout to drop some sh-t anyway so all this is right on time lol. DSR=Dont Smoke Rock with Smoke Dza is the truth! 😁 if my words carry weight then heed this s-it right here,respect some shit mayne! Make better music and write better lyrics. Cops gonna target us regardless but stop giving them a reason or should i say dont make it easier for them,yall gotta start caring about whats going on around yall. Prove people wrong cuz we are always judged and looked @ a certain way. The ignorant artist sh-t really makes me upset 😡the hateful comments only make me more relevant If im washed up then why my name in ya mouth? Im just sayin lol. Have a great day everyone.