Peter Rosenberg To Post Malone: Show Respect For Hip Hop Or Get Out

The Hot 97 radio personality declares he's done giving the "Rockstar" passes.

(AllHipHop News) Post Malone is still catching heat for his comments about the culture. During a recent interview, the "Rockstar" performer suggested fans wanting emotional or thoughtful music shouldn't listen to Hip Hop.

"If you’re looking for lyrics, if you’re looking to cry, if you’re looking to think about life, don’t listen to Hip Hop," said Post. "There’s great Hip Hop songs where they talk about life and they spit that real sh-t. But right now, there’s not a lot of people talking about sh-t."

The Texas native added, "Whenever I want to cry, whenever I want to sit down and have a nice cry, I’ll listen to some Bob Dylan."

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg decided to address those comments on Instagram. The veteran radio personality posted a video giving Post an ultimatum.

"Post Malone, I'm done giving you passes. Even though I like you in person - we've had nice conversation before - you're out of passes. That's over," stated Rosenberg. "You got a pass for braids, which is not common. You got a pass for the n-word thing that happened on Snapchat. We gave you a pass even though all the tattoos of the artists you love are all white rock stars, none [are] related to Hip Hop at all. So, either leave Hip Hop and go make music in another genre, or start showing respect for Hip Hop.”

He continued, "Hip Hop isn't the music you go to for emotion and important things? Hip Hop has been the soundtrack of every important day of my life, and many people like me and all around the world of every different background. So, start showing respect for Hip Hop, or get out. No more passes for Post Malone. You're done.”

This Post Malone character is just another guy who wanted to do rock music but couldn't cut it so he tried rap. Let out them braids and he got a mullet. He bout as Hip Hop as Billy Ray Cyrus.

i think Rosenbergs comment puts down hiphop by saying he was a guy that tried rock that couldnt cut it, so he did rap, is saying rap is easy and garbage

Post Malone said the truth and you women in disguise as a man can't take that reality. hip Hop is not hip hop anymore it's some other trash being invented. Even if he does Rock, ballet music I don't care his point is facts. Rosenberg you got your damn nerve.


Post Malone stated strong opinions which Could be considered facts. Truth is 90% of the music has no substance ,not authentic and no value... it’s bullshit. I get high ,pop pills ,I wear woman’s clothes ,and man bags ,I’m a killer, I gangbang ,mumble mumble ,catchy chorus then top it off by singing when you can’t sing ..oh I forgot throw in some sound effects and auto tune ..and there’s your hip hop culture.. it’s been hijacked by people who was scared of the message and the leadership it provided to the less unfortunate who sought strength and courage from the music. Now there’s no substance you have boat music menstral shows. Post Malone wasn’t wrong..he’s just white so it seems like he’s attacking the culture when in fact the culture is attacking the culture. Congratulations ..no pun intended

The problem isn't in what he said. What he said is true but it just sounds weird coming from someone who lacks that same substance in their own music.