Petition Calls On A Boogie and PnB Rock To Be Dropped From Atlantic After Lil B Assault

The fallout from A Boogie and PnB Rock's attack on Bay Area rap veteran Lil B over the weekend continues

(AllHipHop News) The fallout surrounding a violent altercation involving Bay Area rapper Lil B and A Boogie wit da Hoodie continues.

A Boogie and a crew of at least 10 people were caught on camera beating up Lil B backstage at the Rolling Loud Festival over the weekend.

Lil B addressed the fight from the stage, but he could not perform because all of his equipment was stolen in the melee.

Portions of the quarrel also seemed to show rapper PnB Rock involved in the fracas.

PnB was pulled from his slot at Rolling Loud yesterday and replaced with Kreayshawn.

Now, a petition is circulating calling on Atlantic Records to drop both A Boogie and PnB Rock from the roster.

"For as long as Atlantic Records choose to keep Dubose [A Boogie] and Allen [PnB Rock] on its roster, it sends a clear message that Atlantic Records is a record label that does not condemn acts of senseless violence," a petition circulating around Change.org states.

"Lil B did not provoke these men. Lil B did not retaliate with violence. Lil B did not seek revenge. Lil B simply forgave them. I encourage anyone who opposes senseless violence in the music industry to sign this petition and urge Atlantic Records to do the right thing: make a stand, and drop A Boogie wit da Hoodie and PnB Rock from the Atlantic Records roster."

While it's highly unlikely that Atlantic Records will take any action, several rappers already have spoken out in support of Lil B.

Chart-topping rappers Travis Scott and Schoolboy Q condemned the attack while offering up words of support for Lil B.

Influential music critic Anthony Fantano of The NeedleDrop said that he was refusing to review A Boogie's new album The Bigger Artist over the incident, which he labeled "gross."


Lol dog this is hip hop...violence comes with the territory. They did a bitch move jumping dude but the video does show lil b run up and take off on someone so it's not like he just balled up like a bitch. Plus 10 cats jump a nigga and he still able to walk like nothing happened? If you ask me lil b took it like a man from a bunch of bustas that can't fight. I dont listen to lol b but I respect dude for coming on stage and not just leaving like some of these so called gangstas would.


Hip-Hop is so corporate nowadays. Them days of rap beefs is over. At least I got to see NWA vs Ice Cube, Dre vs Eazy, Nas vs Jay, Rule vs 50.

Premo if you got 700 mill what the fuck yo 40+ fuck ass doin collaborating wit young thug and moneyman for? Let them nigas shine.

They will reap what they sow real soon