Pharrell & Flying Lotus Discuss The State Of Lyricism In Hip Hop (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The question of whether lyricism in Hip Hop will ever become the dominant factor in the culture's music again has been asked for several years. Acclaimed producers/artists Pharrell Williams and Flying Lotus discussed the topic during an episode of OTHERtone radio with Scott Vener.

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"Every generation says that. It's just the art form changes," said Pharrell.

The Neptunes member went on to offer that people may not appreciate the same quality of product as they once did. He also stated, "It's evolution. We just have to be happy about it, and participate in leading."

FlyLo added, "Here's the good part. There's room for everybody now. You can be super-lyrical... You can say stuff - just ride the beat, barely rhyming. And it's all good. As long as the beat's hitting."

Pharrell also acknowledged OG Maco for his hit record "U Guessed It." The Virginia native suggested the Atlanta rapper's song helped take rap music to another place.

"It's just a different world, so the rules have changed," declared Pharrell. "I feel like there's a lot of people that don't know the world has changed."

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Watch the conversation below.