Pharrell In Legal Dispute Over Leaky $14 Million Condo

AllHipHop Staff

Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams is currently embroiled in a legal dispute regarding water leaks his $14 million dollar, Miami condominium.

The Virginia broadsmith has been named in a lawsuit against Ugo Colombo, the developer of the Bristol Towers complex, and the individual who sold Williams the condo back in 2007.

The lawsuit was prompted by Hector Lopez, whose unit has been damaged by the unfixed leaks in Pharrell’s 40th floor penthouse unit.

According to his separate 2007 suit, which names Colombo, Williams, and the condo association as defendants, Lopez alleges he has not been able to live in his property for the last 2 years due to persistent water leaks.

The association settled the case for $525,000, and is now pursuing Colombo and possibly Williams to cover the costs.

In court records, the waters leaks are estimated to be coming from at least six sources in the home, such as the penthouse pool, plant watering system, and Jacuzzi.

Pharrell’s attorneys argue that their client was aware of his neighbor’s lawsuit at the time of his purchase, and Ugo Colombo agreed to cover any subsequent legal judgments from the water issue.

“We’re hoping they get fixed in the next six months,” said Karl Sturge, attorney for Pharrell’s PW Continuum company.

In his defense, Ugo Colombo is arguing that the pipe’s water leaks are the responsibility of the condo association.

At press time, Pharrell Williams has confirmed he’ll be collaborating with Rihanna on her forthcoming album.