Pharrell Tops Esquire's Best Dressed List, Opening 10 Fat Burger Restaurants

Pharrell Williams

has landed on top of Esquire magazine’s annual “Best Dressed Men in

the World” edition.

Esquire chose Williams for "injecting dressed-up luxury

into hip-hop style and thereby influencing a new generation of guys to consider

more than just a pair of baggy jeans a reflection of their youthful vitality."

Twenty other men made the list, including Kanye West, Kofi Annan,

Bill Clinton and others.

In related news, Williams and Chris Zarpas, a former Vice President

of Walt Disney Pictures, have teamed up to open Fatburger restaurants in their

native state of Virginia.

The two own rights

to Fatburger franchise rights in Virginia and plan on opening 10 restaurants,

with the first one opening in Chesapeake, Virginia next week.