Pharrell Williams Addresses Abortion Bans During Graduation Speech At UVA

The Grammy winner also spoke about immigration, white nationalism, education, gay marriage, school shootings, and more.

(AllHipHop News) New controversial abortion laws in states like Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri have sparked nationwide debates on reproductive rights. As a result, numerous politicians and celebrities have voiced their opinion about the procedure to end a pregnancy.

Pharrell Williams delivered a very political commencement speech at the University of Virginia. The Virginia Beach-raised entertainer had something to say about several issues, including the bans on abortion taking place across the country.

"We ended slavery. You would think we’d be tired of telling other humans what they can and can't do with their bodies. Haven’t we learned lessons about trying to govern human bodies?” Pharrell asked the UVA Class of 2019. "We might want to be careful because those same women whose reproductive organs we're trying to govern might just choose to not reproduce at all and effectively end mankind altogether. They have that right too."

The legendary music producer also suggested the graduates work to make life better for other people and ignite generational change. He stated, "When I look out, I see thinkers, innovators, rule breakers. I see ambition. I see energy. I see bold, audacious dreams that are bound to disrupt."

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