Pharrell Williams Ends Clothing Deals With Reebok

After filing a

$4 million breach of contract lawsuit against sneaker giant Reebok last month,

Pharell Williams, one half of the production duo The Neptunes recently negotiated

a mutual split with the company.

In 2003, Reebok

and Pharell agreed established a licensing-and-distribution partnership to launch

Williams’ Ice Cream footwear collection and HIS Billionaire Boys Club

Clothing line.

Since then, Williams

alleged that the company continuously failed to meet distribution and quality

standards for his sneaker and clothing collection.

“Reebok and

I both understand we have very different visions for my clothing line, BBC and

my sneaker line, Ice Cream," Williams revealed in a statement. "I

have learned a great deal doing business with Reebok, and it has been a great

experience. I am pleased that we can part ways amicably and am excited to launch

my line independently.”

Under the terms

of the agreement, Williams agreed to drop the suit and will continue to sell

merchandise through his billionaire boys club imprint until June 30.

Dennis Baldwin,

Reebok Chief marketing officer agreed with Williams’s statement noting

that the conflict of strategies from both companies didn’t mesh.


we would have liked for this venture to have been more successful, in the end,

we both realize that the design and distribution fit just wasn't there,"

he said.

Williams did note that he would soon announce future plans to

distribute his apparel and sneaker line.