Pharrell Williams Launches Ice Cream Skateboarding Team

Pharrell Williams

recently launched The Ice Cream skate team, lead by professional skateboarder

Terry Kennedy.

According to an article published on, a sister site

to television network ESPN that covers extreme sports, Williams snagged five

amateurs who will tour the country for seven months with Kennedy.

The team will scout talent and film tricks for an upcoming DVD/Combo,

which will be released in the fall.

Williams’ younger brother, Kato Williams is one of the

team members, which is rounded out by Terrell Robinson, Kevin Booker, Jacob Walder

and Jimmy Gorecki.

"You get these

hungry ams off the street and you show them they can make something of themselves

and that's what Ice Cream is all about," Williams told "I

want these skaters to get recognition for shredding and to show that what they

are doing is a beautiful thing to aspire to."