Pharrell Williams Tapped To Design Pepsi Can

Pepsi has turned

up the heat on rival Coca-Cola in the latest battle to conquer the multi-billion

dollar soft drink market, by signing rapper Pharrell Williams to design a can.


along with music stars Big & Rich and the All-American Rejects, are taking

part in Pepsi's global re-branding efforts. While

the familiar Pepsi logo remains untouched, the background graphics change every

few weeks. "I

was intrigued by this opportunity because it allowed me to be creative and innovative,

which is something that I try to infuse in all of my endeavors," said Pharrell

Williams. Up

until Pepsi's re-branding efforts, the look of the Pepsi can had only changed

10 times in the company's 109 year history. This

year alone, the company plans to change the can's appearance more than 35 times.


the first time in history, the company is also allowing a consumer to design the

look of one its cans in the "Design Our Pepsi Can" contest. The

winning design takes home $10,000 in cash and the artwork will be featured on

500 million Pepsi cans across the country.Both

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are utilizing rappers to help boost their bottom lines, which

dropped in 2006 according to industry sales data released last month. In

Mar. Coca-Cola hired rap superstar Jay-Z to redesign a can for its Cherry Coke

Brand. In

2006, the soft drink industry sold over 10 billion cases, down from 10.22 billion

in 2005.To

enter the contest visit: