Pharrell Williams To Produce "Voltron" Movie Soundtrack

Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams has signed on to score and produce the soundtrack for the upcoming film Voltron: Defender of the Universe, based on the popular 1980s cartoon.

Debuting in 1984, the television series “Voltron” coincided with the prevalent Transformers toys and both grew to epidemic proportions.

Like the TV series, the plot of the upcoming movie is based on five rebel pilots who trek to Planet Arus to discover how to work the massive machine fighter known as Voltron, which is a combination of five smaller robots.

After the evil Drule Empire conquers the universe, Voltron must defeat the bad guys and save the world.

The big-budget film will be produced by Mark Gordon, producer of Saving Private Ryan and The Day After Tomorrow.

Mark Costa and Ford Oelman of New Line Cinema will serve as executive producers.

Ironically, another film titled Transformers is also in the works by DreamWorks Pictures, according to Hollywood Reporter.