Philadelphia Phillies Shortstop Jimmie Rollins Launches New Label, Making Business Moves


Rollins may be a three-time all-star, but the Philadelphia Phillies shortstop

is gearing up to lead a new team as the CEO of his new entertainment company Rollins

Entertainment. The

company, a subsidiary of Rollins’ recently formed umbrella company Bay Slugga’s

Inc., has joined forces with Bigg Swoop and Bright Riley of Eyecon Music Group

to launch the first two acts Rollins signed to his fledgling label, R&B artist

Sergio and rap group The League.Rollins’

move into entertainment falls in line with the aspiring mogul’s goal of capitalizing

on any given opportunity for success. "I

am not a 'what if' kind of person ... I am trying to accomplish and explore everything

that I can while I'm still young. That's why I flipped the script from an employee

of the Phillies to an employer with Rollins Entertainment," he explained.

"I am a business man. I have advisors and investments and so forth, but I

choose to take a proactive role in my business pursuits and with imagination and

dedication, create other opportunities for myself as well." Music

fans can look for a few established hands behind the boards of the League’s

forthcoming album. Multi-platinum

producer Mannie Fresh has signed on for the project, along with mixologist Leslie

Braithwaite. The

first releases from Bay Slugga’s Inc. are slated to come out during the second

and third quarters of 2007. In

addition to his Bay Slugga's record label, Rollins is doing double duty as a part

owner of the HGTV (Home & Garden Television) top rated show Flip This House.

The shortstop is also planning to launch the Jimmy Rollins Foundation

this year to provide scholarships for disadvantaged inner city youths in Philadelphia.


his business ventures underway, it may be easy to assume that Rollins will not

be a major contributor to the Phillies’ game as the team gears up for the

2007 Major League baseball season. But

the Rollins begs to differ."Anything

short of the World Series this year will actually be a disappointment for the

Phillies," said Rollins, who is confident his team is "the team to beat.

I feel that way because of the additions we made in the off season to our pitching

staff. We now have a power pitching staff to go along with our other weapons."The

task of getting to the World Series mirrors Rollins’ quest to make a name

for himself off the field. In fact, he welcomes the struggle."As

for the launch of my entertainment company, I love challenges," he said.

"Sports is what I do. I love sports. That came naturally, but I have larger

ambitions that extend beyond the playing field. I've got my music business up

and running and I'm polishing my business skills. Through my business ventures

I intend to be a part of something great. Not just in sports, but in life."