Philly Cops New Racist Scandal Could Help Meek Mill Next Month

The rap star's request for a new trial comes just as another scandal is rocking the Philadelphia police force.

(AllHipHop News) A new scandal involving the Philadelphia cops could help Meek Mill's fight for justice.

Meek was just granted a new hearing in regards to his 2007 arrest for allegedly possessing drugs and a gun.

The rapper has maintained he was framed by his arresting officer Reginald Graham, who was later listed as one of dozens of corrupt officers in Philadelphia.

Now the Philadelphia police force is dealing with a new crisis involving social media.

An organization called Injustice Watch launched an investigation to monitor the social media accounts of hundreds of police officers.

They uncovered hundreds of instances of blatant racism from cops of all stripes, including ranking sergeants and lieutenants.

The head of the Philadelphia police force was shocked when he reviewed the data and the personal opinions of his officers who patrol the streets of the 5th largest city in the United States.

“In an era where you’re striving your best to cultivate relationships with communities across the city, things like this don’t help,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

The internal affairs commission within the police department has opened an investigation into the disturbing posts.

The social media posts could work in favor of Meek Mill, who is due in front of a Judge in July.

Meek is arguing that his 2008 conviction should be vacated, or he should be granted a new trial over the actions of Graham, and the hawkish behavior of Judge Genece Brinkley, who is overseeing his case.

Last month, the DA's office sided with Meek's request for a new trial and requested the ouster Judge Genece Brinkley.

A Judge will rule on Meek's request on July 16th.

Take a look at some posts attributed to various Philadelphia police officers.

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None of these posts are that bad. Not saying cops arent racist but you should have picked some better examples if you are trying to paint a narrative. Hell, I agree with half of these comments