Philly D.A. Sides With Meek Mill Again And Says Judge Brinkley Needs To Go

The Philly rapper's quest for a new trial continues.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill received some great news today, thanks to the Philadelphia District Attorney's office.

Prosecutors sided with Meek and his defense lawyers in a new filing recommending the removal of Judge Genece Brinkley, who has been overseeing his case for over a decade.

Ironically, now even the prosecutors claim Judge Brinkley has shown extreme bias towards Meek, as he seeks a new trial for his 2008 drug conviction because the arresting officer in Meek's original case had been named in a police corruption scandal.

The overwhelming evidence was not enough for Judge Brinkley when it came to Meek, even though other courts in Philly vacated hundreds of similar cases after the corruption scandal was revealed.

Meek maintains Judge Brinkley has a vendetta against him for refusing to record a tribute song in his honor and ditch Roc Nation management in favor of the local veteran, Charlie Mack.

The D.A. says Meek is no threat to society and has completed all of the mandatory classes he was supposed to take as part of his probation.

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