Philly DJ Claims Fabolous’ Bodyguard Body Slammed Her

Power 99 DJ Golden Girl of Philadelphia alleges that she was attacked by the bodyguard of Brooklyn wordsmith Fabolous during the radio station's yearly Powerhouse 2004 concert.

The radio personality, known for her blonde hair, detailed her experience to local NBC 10 News yesterday (Nov. 8).

"I was talking to one of the artists, which was Fabolous," Golden Girl said, who now walks with the aid of crutches. She asked if she and unnamed others could get a ride inside of his tour bus, a request Fabolous declined.

“We asked if we could get a ride up to the top of the ramp and his body guard jumped in said, 'No,' and got really nasty," Golden Girl continued.

In jest, Golden Girl said that she would stop playing Fab’s song “Breathe” if she didn’t get a ride in his transport, a statement which prompted an alleged attack.

She said, “The bodyguard comes over and he picks me up. I said, 'What are you doing?' and before I could say anything else he grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up off my feet and slammed me down to the ground.”

Golden Girl, who has a relatively small frame, said she hurt her ankle, shoulder and back. Since the alleged incident, the DJ has contacted the police and retained Don Manchel as her lawyer.

Manchel stated he would vehemently fight for his client’s rights.

"We will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure that justice is served and that she gets everything she's entitled to, and at the same time that the perpetrator winds up in the clink," Manchel said.

Furthermore, Golden Girl claims the entire act was videotaped by a member of the rapper’s crew.

At press time, Fabolous’ publicist wasn’t available for a comment on the matter.

Incidentally, Fabolous’ newest album, Real Talk, hits stores today (Nov. 9).