Philly DJ Sues Fabolous For $85 Million

DJ Golden Girl of

Philadelphia's Power 99 FM has sued rapper Fabolous and his entourage for allegedly

assaulting her after the station's annual Powerhouse concert in 2004.

Golden Girl, whose

real name Lisa Natson, is seeking $85 million in damages, alleging that she

was picked up and slammed to the ground by Fabolous' bodyguard in the backstage

parking area of the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Natson, recognized

for her blonde hair, told Philadelphia's NBC 10 News last November that after

she asked for a ride on the Brooklyn rapper's tour bus, his bodyguard "got

really nasty."

Natson said she

then joked that she would stop playing Fab's song "Breathe" on her

show if she didn't get a ride, and violence erupted.

Fabolous allegedly

watched as the incident unfolded, according to Natson, as a member of the rapper's

posse videotaped.

The rapper denied any connection

to the incident and dismissed Golden Girl's claims shortly after the altercation.

"I was on

my tour bus and did not witness the alleged incident so I’m not aware

of any details concerning the matter," Fabolous told shortly

afterwards. "I never touched or did anything to Golden Girl, therefore,

I am not involved and do not have anything further to say or do with that incident."

Speaking to the

news station last year while on crutches, Natson said she injured her ankle,

back and shoulder.

The DJ said she

notified police and hired attorney Don Manchel after the occurrence.

"We will stop

at absolutely nothing to make sure that justice is served and that she gets

everything she's entitled to and at the same time that the perpetrator winds

up in the clink," Manchel told NBC 10."