Philly Jock Kendra G. Encourages Girls 'Not To Do It'

Philadelphia radio personality Kendra G has launched a new campaign in conjunction with her home station 100.3 the Beat encouraging young women to make a special promise to themselves.

The "Abstinence is Kool… I Am Not Doing It" program, launched by Kendra G on the air this week, encourages girls in high school and middle school to abstain from sex for an entire school year.

The girls are asked to take the pledge by sending in an email or video to Kendra G via the Beat’s website at

According to Kendra, recent statistics show that 43% of all high school students between 15-18 claim that they have had sex at least one.

While the percentage reflects a lower number than previous years, she believes it can be lower.

Kendra will also use her popularity on YouTube to extend the challenge beyond her city, encouraging teenage girls to join her in this initiative.

“Abstinence is Kool is a challenge that I am very passionate about, so passionate that I decided to take the challenge with my listeners,” says the 100.3 evening host. “Having a voice on the radio is a privilege and an honor. I enjoy the excitement that comes along with being a radio personality but knowing that I will be able to make a difference in the lives of my listeners makes me more excited”.

In Philadelphia, 100.3 The Beat is helping Kendra take the challenge once step further.

Each girl who takes the pledge will qualify for a chance to win an end of the year concert at her school.

Kendra G. originally launched her career in Connecticut on WZMX Hot 93.7 and has hosted shows in Buffalo, New York and in Chicago on Power 92.