Philly Rapper Oschino Vasquez Calls Meek Mill A "Coward" And A "Sissy" (VIDEO)

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)


(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia Hip Hop fans should brace themselves for another potential intra-city spat.

After Meek Mill had issues with Beanie Sigel last year, another State Property alumnus is firing shots at the Dreamchasers leader.

Oschino took to Instagram to blast Meek, calling him a "coward" in one post.

"THE NERVE OF THIS DUDE F-CKING COWARD!!" wrote the Philly rapper in the caption of a video.

In the reposted clip, Meek is seen talking about how Oschino was one of the few people that gave him a feature verse in the early days of his career.

Some of Oschino's followers were confused about the motive behind the post, so he added another IG video explaining why he has issues with Meek.

"I know y'all were wondering why I put that video up. It's to let n-ggas know, who ain't from Philly, who the boy was hanging with when he ain't have sh-t," he stated.

Oschino went on to explain that he expected Meek to support his Appetizer projects on social media after they apparently agreed to promote each other's work.

"I look at his page. My sh-t ain't up. I look again. His page's deactivated. So I was talking about it on [Instagram Live]. He must of watched my page from somebody else's Live," recalled Oschino. "I don't know what I said. But whatever I said, he caught feelings. He's a sissy n-gga. Y'all know he's a sissy n-gga. The same n-gga who got mad about Drake and Wale not putting his sh-t up."

Oschino then claimed a text conversation between he and Meek featured the MMG member reportedly saying, "Don't text my phone. I don't owe you nothing. I ain't scared of you."

Meek may have responded to the IG attack on his own page by adding the caption "Doors on the coupe waaaaaayyyy up..... it's so easy to hateeee us!" to a recent picture.

Prior to this recent falling out, Oschino actually defended Meek during his feud with Beanie Sigel.

"First of all, I think it’s Beans’ fault, personally. Because at the end of the day Beans don’t even know Meek at all, you know what I’m saying? He don’t even know him, so for him to jump in Meek and The Game’s beef is just like, What is you doin’? You supposed to carry yourself a different type of way," Oschino is quoted saying in a 2016 article.